Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What’s Happening in Reading? 
from your literacy specialists
December, 2015

Kindergarteners at HOD are enjoying their new roles as Super Readers, who can activate all kinds of super powers to become stronger readers! These include: pointer power, reread power, partner power, picture power, snap word power, sound power, and persistence power! In addition to reading independently and with partners, students now also read in small groups where they practice using their super reading powers flexibly in books at their instructional levels.

  First Grade...
First ­graders are wrapping up their nonfiction unit and jumping into a new unit: Readers Have Big Jobs to Do. First­ grade readers are becoming the boss of their own reading and learning new word­solving strategies to help them take action when they encounter tricky words. They will also be learning comprehension strategies to help them better understand the books they are reading, and then putting all of these strategies together while reading fluently!                                            

Second Grade...
Second graders are wrapping up Unit 2, Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction. The final bend of this unit explores the idea of growing knowledge of a topic across books, comparing and contrasting information from various sources. We are teaching students to ask questions for deeper understanding, such as “How is this important?” and “What is another example of this?” instead of just looking for interesting facts. 

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