Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 23, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians of Students of the H. Olive Day School,
Once again, the children of the H. Olive Day School have demonstrated that the true spirit of the season is not found in a store or in a package, but in the hearts of those who spend their time and energy showing others that they care.  Our students’ participation in and contributions toward our Hat, Mitten and Sock Tree, the Holiday Caring and Sharing Project and the Anton’s Coats for Kidscollection warmed the hearts of all of us during the last few weeks.  Our Hat and Mitten Tree was laden with 227 pairs of mittens and gloves, 175 hats, 109 pairs of socks and 4 scarves.  The Norfolk families we supported through our Holiday Caring and Sharing Project are assured of a happy holiday season thanks to the generosity of our students (and staff who contributed in lieu of exchanging gifts) for our shopping! Over $2300 was donated.  The coats that you donated will be put to good use by families in need. 
 None of this, of course, could have been accomplished by our young students without the support of their families. Here at the H. Olive Day School, we believe that it is our responsibility not only to educate our students, but also to help them to develop a sense of responsibility as members of our school family and their community.  We thank you for reinforcing those concepts through your support of our holiday community service projects.
So, this month, our students excelled in the 4”R’s” – Reading ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic and Responsibility.  Thank you for helping them with their homework that went along with the fourth “R”.  We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season.  Have a wonderful vacation with family and friends and a very Happy New Year.
 Happy Holidays from All of Us at HOD

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